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Dec 28, 2012 7:00am PST
for a solution in washington d.c.. to businesses sunday. the dollar closedesses down 18. we had a big drop right now down 94. the dow just over the $13 mark. >> if amazon as announce this year's holiday sales of the biggest ever. >> if consumers purchased 306 items for second on their peak day this season. >> amazon says customers order 26 and a half million items on cyber monday. >> that is a new record for the online retailer. amazons set another record on christmas day for digital download. the candkindle continues to dominate the websites bestsellers. with the kindle fire a stab the leading the way. >> a new study finds have all americans are still holding on to their land lines. the centers for disease control says of the more than 20,000 households interviewed in the first half of 2012. >> off just over half used wireless phones for nearly all fall cause. >> that is less than a 2 percent increase compared to the same time last year. what a small increase? pepper while you're before adopting wireless calls, old folks to hang on to their land lines. >> only a quarter of those ages 45 to 64 w
Dec 19, 2012 7:00am PST
falling the latest out of washington we are expecting the president to announced the creation of a task force whose a job it will be to create new policies to prevent others school shootings like what we sought in conn. vice president joe biden has been tasked with spearheading the movement for new legislation. what legislation will they be pushing for? a and aide says it will likely pursue tightening of current gun laws including a ban on assault style weapons and a ban on large clips. we are watching this live shot, when the president comes forward we will share that with you live. >> it is 846 right now and we want to get an update on a hot spot from george. >> the hot spot on the peninsula and san bruno stall from the 280 ramp to ease some 380 managed to back up the traffic into daly city nearly two west like boulevard. we still have sluggish traffic moving past the highway one connector but it is already starting to clear out now. the stall is gone. so give yourself an extra five to 10 minutes if you are heading to sfo and coming down to 280 to get there. also an update from ben lo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2